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Job training for graduate - PGP RE Project Finance and EV Powertrain

Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust and University of Petroleum and Energy Studies collaborate to offer PGP course in Renewable Energy Project Finance and Electric Vehicle Powertrain

Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust (GATE Trust) is an academic institute and its unit Institute of Solar Technology (IST) and Academy of EV Technology (AEVT) India top Entrepreneurship Development Institute.

Institute of Solar Technology (IST) is a well-known solar training institute in India and Worldwide. They have trained engineers and Startups in PAN India and the UK, Oman, Zimbabwe, Cambodia and other countries. May of they completed MW Solar Power plant project also.  

Renewable Energy Project Finance program intends to make an exceptional professional in renewable energy project to pursue a career at mid or senior finance management level in the Renewable Energy sector. It covers every key concept, India and International best practices and along with key financial management skills needed.

With the demand rising exponentially, a significant skill gap is also observed in the industry. Companies are finding it difficult to find the right talent for positions like Analyst, Project Finance, Renewable Energy Finance Project Manager and other similar roles. To address this skill gap, Institute of Solar Technology and UPES in India have come together as the academic partner to bring quality education and industry exposure to students and working professionals interested to tap the emerging opportunities in this sector.

Electric vehicles are an emerging field so that while professionals with the right experience and skills existed in the market, finding and engaging with them would not be without its challenges.  Electric Vehicle Powertrain program intends to make an exceptional professional Ev EVSE development in Electric Vehicle sector.

On this collaboration, Ashok Sahu,  Head – Centre for Continuing Education, UPES said “UPES envisions itself as an institution of global standing, which fosters the development of professionally competent talent and contributes to nation-building. Continuing this movement forward, UPES had become an academic partner of GATE Trust for its programs in Renewable energy and Electric vehicles.”

Sanjib Roy, Chairman, GATE Trust said  “GATE Trust and UPES’s collaboration will help the students and people with experience equally to get a complete perspective on Renewable Energy and EV development and its implementation in Industry. We are confident of its success.”

Solar Energy Vocational Training for final year engineering students

Vocational Training for Engineering Students: 

What, Where, and Why

Whether you are a recent graduate still deciding on what career path to follow or you have been working for a number of years but want to do something different, vocational training for engineering students may be what you are looking for.

This is an area that will suit someone who wants to go into a field that pays well.

Artisans in engineering trades are well paid for the simple reason that they possess a scarce skill.

Before you chose a vocational school, you will need to ask yourself why this is a good option for you.

This kind of school is right for someone who would rather study for a qualification that focuses more on practical subjects rather than theory, like Institute of Solar Technology.

Vocational schools work with the market so that the subjects they teach align to the needs of the industry.

This is the reason why many students leaving a vocational school do not usually have a problem finding jobs.

Students graduating from these colleges are more likely to transit faster through the workplace.

They are also more likely to get a permanent job when compared to students graduating with academic degrees.

IST also offer a degree transfer program PGP Renewable Energy Project Finance

When you eventually do a degree, you benefit from both a practical and theoretic education.



A good vocational college will have an office that helps students to find work in the industry.

When considering a college, ask about the percentage of graduates who get placed in jobs.

You can also do your own research with graduates from the school who are already in the workplace to find out if the school assisted them with job placement.


Good colleges do not only offer training, they also have other extra services.

Ask if the college has a student advisory office offering career guidance.

Are there any counselling services for students struggling due to personal issues?

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Post Graduate Program Electric Vehicle Powertrain

10 Months Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Electric Vehicle Powertrain. Certification offered by Academy of Technology (AEVT)
UPES is one of the best known Universities in India. UPES is considered a premium University by corporates in Renewable, Energy, Shipping, Logistics and other sectors. UPES students are working with some of the best known corporates both in India and as well Abroad.

"University of Petroleum and Energy Studies" is academic partner of "Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust". Academy of EV Technology is a unit of Global Advanced Training & Educational Trust, offering short term skill based non-accredited program, 10 Months Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Electric Vehicle Powertrain. The program is designed by industry experts and our expert faculty members and Industry guest lecturers take session in-house class on each paper, Key concepts, case studies and real life examples are discussed.

Graduation degree / 3 years Diploma with minimum 2 years of experience
Direct Admission for working professionals

Take PGP Course Admission 



  • Electric Vehicle Architectures
  • Power Electronics and Embedded System
  • Propulsion system of Electric Drive Vehicle


  • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station Technology
  • High Voltage Battery Charging Methods & Battery Pack
  • EV Charging Station System Design
  • V2G and G2V Technology


  • IT, Data science and AI Application in EVCS
  • Intelligent Algorithms, Optimized charging
  • Consumption prediction
  • EVs tracking, AI for battery technology
  • Solving Energy Efficiency Issues
  • Mobile App for EV Charging station network


  • EV Battery Technology
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • Thermal Management for Batteries and Power Electronics
  • Battery Heat Transfer
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Design
  • Second Life Uses of EV Battery


  • Powertrain Design and Development
  • Safety of Electric Vehicle
  • Risk assessment, Different aspects of electric safety


  • Electric Powertrain Design Project
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Projec
  • EV Public Charger, Charging Station development Project
  • Internship at Ev or EVSE Company (Performance basic)

Post Graduate in Electric Vehicle Powertrain at Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Nagpur, Kolkata, Kotdwara, Offered by AEVT & University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
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